Architect & Design Services

About Your Architect

As a custom home builder and contractor, we love to stay hands-on throughout the entire design-build process. From the first sketches drawn to the final piece of furniture that’s placed, we make sure your project is seamless and coherent.

If you need a world-class architect, we can help. We pride ourselves on partnering with top-quality architects who will bring your dream home to life. Maybe you’re picturing a floating staircase that spirals through your living room or vaulted ceilings with giant bay windows… or maybe you have no clue where to start. Whatever your thought process may be, your architect will provide design consulting to ensure your expectations, ideas and needs are met. And,  having a partnership where your contractor and architect work hand-in-hand will prove to be invaluable during your home building experience. 

When you’re over-the-moon happy with your design, it’s time to take the plans from paper to property. Your architect has already confirmed compliance with all building codes, zoning laws, fire regulations, and other ordinances, so it’s time to break ground. You’ll be kept in the loop on the progress of the build and consulted if there are possible changes that need to be made. It’s a partnership and collaborative effort.

From your initial meeting to final delivery, your architect will be involved in every step of the design-build process.

Time For Interior Design

Building your dream home is a blast, but finding the vibe of your new space is an even more exciting adventure. With the help of our in-house interior designer, we’ll discover the best ways to approach your “blank canvas.” Our primary focus is on how to create a cohesive look that flows from room to room while best relaying your personality and style. And like the rest of your design-build team, your designer remains part of the project from the get-go. While the initial architectural renderings are being created, she will have an eye on the plans and layout to ensure her awesome ideas are ready as soon as the build process is complete.

From paint colors to textures to furniture and lighting, we want you to absolutely love every part of your new home. Some clients come to us with distinct and specific style choices, while others know they enjoy “mid-century modern” but aren’t exactly sure what type of decor accompanies the style. Either way, we’re pretty stoked when our clients ask us to help them design and style their new living space.


Hammersmith Style


Our design-build process is different than other contractors because we personally build the team that we feel will best meet your needs and design style. We manage all parts of the project from start to finish to ensure your vision comes to fruition. So give us a call. Let’s get started today.