4 Cool Hammersmith Design Tricks

Custom railing with inexpensive conduit rails

Custom homes tend to cost more per square foot than conventional tract homes, but we pride ourselves in using design tricks to transform everyday materials into innovative design features that can cost less than their traditional counterparts. 1. Contemporary stair railings.  We frequently use electrical conduit in our stair railing assemblies. This approach adds a great contemporary…
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5 Ways to Save Money with Modern Home Design

Polished Concrete Floors Add to the Modern Home Design

Using modern home design when building a custom home often helps save money during the home building process. We can use many minimalist forms that look great in a modern contemporary style and don’t cost as much as their traditional counterparts. One approach we like to use is to install inexpensive electrical conduit as sleek metal stair…
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The Custom Home Building Process: Don’t Sweat the Baseboards

Custom Home Building Process at Hammersmith Structures

During the custom home building process, oftentimes we find ourselves involved in very long selection meetings with clients who spend great time agonizing over choosing minute details… like the style of their baseboards. When you are building a custom home, there are many, many decisions that you must make during the process. We see clients…
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Hammersmith on Modern Homes: Part 1

Hammersmith Structures on Modern Homes

We get asked frequently: “Can you build a custom modern home for me?” Sure we can. But everyone’s view of a modern home is somewhat different. For some, modern relates to a specific period in design from the 1920s to about the 1950s. (More on Mid-Century Modern homes in a later post.) For others, modern…
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Why Design-Build?

Tailor-Made Living Room with Large Windows Looking Out into the Backyard | Hammersmith Structures Custom Home Builders Colorado

If you’ve been through our website, you’ll know we are full-on advocates for using the design-build process for custom homes instead of working with an architect and builder/contractor separately. But you may be left wondering why, so this is our chance to explain. Design-build connects your designer, who may be an architect or draftsman, and…
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