Keep it Clean: Adding a Central Vacuum System to Your Custom Home

If you have kids, pets, or a lot of dirt around your house, you likely vacuum a lot. While you’re planning your custom home, adding a central vacuum system into the plans likely will make that job much easier.

With a central vacuum system, a powerful suction motor and containment canister live discretely out of the way in your garage or basement. Centrally located (and typically well disguised) inlets, typically a few on each floor or however many it takes to be able to reach every corner of your house, allow you to simply plug a hose directly into the inlet, which starts the suction process. PVC pipes in the walls channel everything you suck up neatly into the containment canister. Some models also include integrated hoses and power heads that store in hidden wall cavities. When it’s time to use it, you just pull the system out of the wall.

There are many different accessories available for central vacuum systems just like the vacuum cleaners you’re used to. These include power heads for different flooring surfaces, dusters, upholstery brushes, retractable hoses, crevice tools, and more. There is even a special toe-kick inlet available typically located out of sight under your kitchen cabinets that functions as a combination vacuum and dustpan. After sweeping your floor, simply sweep the pile into the inlet and it sucks it quickly away.

Why Should You Want a Central Vacuum System?

Here are six great reasons for incorporating a central vacuum system into your custom home:

  1. You can clean your home quietly and quickly. Because the motor is typically in some out-of-the-way place like the basement or the garage, the only sound you hear is the slight whooshing sound of the air (and the dirt) being sucked into the system. You won’t disturb anyone watching TV, talking on the phone, or sleeping.
  2. You won’t need to drag a heavy vacuum cleaner around your house. (Think how easy cleaning stairs will be!)
  3. The central vacuum system deposits all the dust and dirt into a high-capacity collection canister that you only have to empty occasionally. No more bags to toss out (or forget to buy) or dust cups to frequently empty.
  4. Fine dust particles don’t blow back into or around the house, making a central vacuum system perfect for allergy sufferers.
  5. Locating the motor and containment canister in the garage is also handy when it’s time to clean out your vehicles. You don’t have to worry about hauling out the shop vac, hoses, cords, and other accessories.
  6. The family pets that run and hide whenever the vacuum cleaner makes an appearance will thank you.

Central vacuum systems are easiest to install in new construction. If you have always wanted one, your new custom home is a good place to start. We have worked with several different manufacturers, so feel free to ask us for recommendations as to the best one for your new home.