For this Hammersmith original modern home design, the primary feature that stands out is the barrel-roofed tower that appears to unite the two main sections of the house.


Completely encased in stucco on the outside, the tower appears to be tiled; however, it’s simply creative work on the part of our craftsmen (and stucco guy) to give this modern home unique detail.

Inside, we added to the airy modern design by floating many elements off the floor. The grain-matching, elevated vanity in the master bath helps declutter the room and adds the feeling of a luxury spa. In the main living area, the two-sided fireplace appears to float as well. It offers just enough separation between the living and dining areas to keep them private while still open. Clerestory windows eliminate the need for lighting during the day and hidden uplighting in the barrel roof assembly keep the area comfortably bright at night. (We won a lighting award for that one.)



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