6 Ways to Add Natural Light to a Custom Home

Northern Colorado’s plentiful sunshine and (primarily) wide open spaces make designing a custom home to capture plenty of natural light a fairly easy proposition. Among other benefits, using natural light in your home reduces energy costs, reduces eyestrain, and helps improve your mood. While there are many tricks you can use in your home’s décor…
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Make Your Life Easier with Smart Lighting Control Systems

Connected, smart lighting control systems in your custom home, such as the Caséta® wireless system from Lutron offer convenience, energy savings, and peace of mind. With one of these systems, you will never come home to a dark house again. Through an app on your smart phone or tablet, your Apple Watch, a remote control,…
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4 Uses for Steel in Your Custom Home

Steel is a versatile material that has plenty of possibilities for use within a custom home. There are many benefits of using it as a construction material – these are four ways we incorporate steel most frequently in the homes we build. Exposed Structural Steel The traditional approach to structural steel in residential construction is…
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Getting Your Mind on Gutters

Gutters are an often-overlooked detail in custom homes. Not only do they serve a purpose, but they can also add visual interest and help define your aesthetic. Gutters route the rain and snowmelt runoff from your roof to keep it away from your house, which protects your siding, your windows, your doors, and your foundation…
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Keep it Clean: Adding a Central Vacuum System to Your Custom Home

If you have kids, pets, or a lot of dirt around your house, you likely vacuum a lot. While you’re planning your custom home, adding a central vacuum system into the plans likely will make that job much easier. With a central vacuum system, a powerful suction motor and containment canister live discretely out of…
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Aging in Place: Mobility

It may be difficult to consider the possibility of losing your mobility as part of the aging process. Should you end up needing the aid of a walker or wheelchair to get around, there are a few simple details you can incorporate into your custom home during the design and construction phases. These will ensure…
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7 Beautiful Eco-Friendly Flooring Materials for Your Custom Home

Poured concrete is one of many eco-friendly flooring materials that makes a great, easy-care option for your custom home.

More and more of our clients ask us for eco-friendly flooring materials for their custom home or remodeling project, and we’re happy to oblige. They are sustainable, better for the environment all around, and tend to be more energy efficient. Who wouldn’t want all that? Here are a few examples of eco-friendly flooring materials we…
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Aging in Place Kitchens

Backsplash windows add natural light in an aging in place kitchen

Aging in place is the concept of living a full, independent life in your home as long as you are able. It ensures your home is prepared for changes you may have in health and ability as you get older and allows you to continue to enjoy a positive quality of life. The goal is…
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The Benefits of Using Local Reclaimed Wood in Your Custom Home

Reclaimed urban wood in the furniture and beetle-kill pine on the ceiling enhance this custom home.

Whenever possible, we prefer to use building materials sourced as closely to our area as possible. It tends to reduce the cost (Brazilian cherry does have to come a long way from Brazil) and creates a kinship between the home and the land. While Colorado isn’t really known for its lumber production, unique reclaimed wood…
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The Importance of Communication in the Custom Home Building Process

Wood floors in a custom home. Read on to learn about importance of communicating during the custom home building process

Homeowners may see the custom home building process as one filled with excitement while at the same time filled with anxiety and stress. We have been through the process many, many times, but most of our homeowners haven’t been through it at all. To be good stewards of our relationship, as the builder we need to be…
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