in-house Interior Design

Interior Design: Saving Relationships Since 2005

From paint colors and textures to furniture and lighting, we want you to absolutely love every part of your new home. You may have specific ideas for the interior or know you enjoy a certain style, but you aren’t exactly sure how to best capture the look. No matter where you fall on that line, we would love to help.

If you know what look you’re going for, your designer will be there to reinforce that your selections look great. Our designers have even saved a few relationships over the years by serving as the neutral third party between conflicting opinions and helping to settle differences.

Or your designer can provide some extra fine tuning to make your ideas even better – perhaps adding a color, texture, or layout while staying true to your original intent.

Have trouble visualizing what your selections will look like or even choosing between options? We can create 3D models of your spaces to help you “see” them. We can even go so far as to show you the actual colors of cabinets or importing the actual light fixture so you can see what they look like. We’ve got you covered. Our designers will work with you in whatever form you need.