Nelly Custom Home

This Hammersmith original design shouts modern at every angled corner. The high ceilings, hickory floors, and open spaces keep the rooms light and airy.


To make the kitchen feel cozier but not isolate it from the rest of the living space, we raised the floor by a few steps to bring it closer to the ceiling. Light colored slate floors, quarter-sawn oak cabinets keep it light and modern like the rest of the house but provide some contrast to set it apart. Windows at the backsplash let in plenty of daylight to keep it open as well.

In the main living area, clerestory windows flood the space with indirect light. Instead of hiding the stairs in a corner or behind the wall, we made them an architectural feature with heavy timber treads and custom metal railings. The exposed metal beams supporting the loft are the icing on the cake.



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