This modern home was a net-zero energy design-build project built in collaboration with a local architecture firm. The owner was living in the Midwest, so other than an in-person, upfront planning meeting and a few visits for walkthroughs along the way, we built the home with him providing input from afar.


One of the homeowner’s goals was to be as close to net-zero in energy usage as possible. The home features solar panels to generate electricity and geothermal heat pumps to power in-floor radiant heating and cooling. Solar panels also heat hot water to augment the heating system and provide hot water for domestic use.

The modern design of the home also helps to save on the energy needed for heating and cooling. Extensions on the roof let the low winter sunlight pour through the windows to provide passive solar heat during the colder months and block the rays in the summer to help keep the house cool.

The home’s foundation and its garage floor sit on concrete piers drilled into the ground. This keeps them away from direct contact with the poor soils the home is built on, allowing the soils to expand without causing any damage.

We commissioned custom furniture, countertops, and other features made from salvaged elm and walnut trees cut down in the area. Custom walnut doors, wardrobes in the master suite, and grain-sequenced cabinet doors and drawer fronts coordinate beautifully with the locally sourced pieces, as do the accents made from beetle-kill pine.

The home nestles into the ground to provide a mid-level walkout basement. Stairs go down from main floor and up from basement to meet in the middle and provide access to the outdoors. Locally sourced Colorado buff stone accents interior walls and transitions to exterior walls, helping to further anchor the home to its beautiful, lakeside location.



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